L’avenir de la jeunesse..The future of the youth

Hey people, today I felt like I should put my bilingualism in evidence. You should be asking yourself what that is, right? Well Bilingualism is the ability of an individual or the members of a community to use two languages effectively, by currently writting and speaking them. The 2 countries in the world that are known for being officially biligual with English and French as their official languages are Canada and Cameroon, though Cameroon is less famous for that.

So I am one of the few people out there blessed with this ability and thank my parents for their effort in that. Though I would openly admit to being more confortable with the English language.

Looking up the multilinguistic nature of the globe, one would really be amazed by the power of speech and the uniqueness of tribes, cultures just because of their languages. Traditions that could eventually be lost if all this diversity were to be brought down to “everyone speaking english only!!!” 

Please check these out.

That said, the real purpose of this post today is to talk about the future. Talk about the world we will be leaving behind to our offsprings when our time would be up. How do we picture this world? and what are the realities that are lived?

This song talks about the realities and the real future we are building for the future generation. He talks about his childhood, the realities that the French society is living up to. I would ask you all to take it in the genral context ’cause I believe if I was able to identify myself to his tale, so should we all, right?

Cette chanson je l’est spécialement choisi car il y a un message puissant transmit. J’ai tellement l’impression de voire l’avenir de la futur génération être jeter dans la poubelle et tout le monde restes indifferents. BBAAHH Je ne suis pas indifférente et Soprano non plus. Voici ce qu’il en pense.

To make the message and the purpose of all this evident, I’ve tried my best to translate the lyrics of the song in a fairly comprehensable manner. Yes I’ve put my all in this. So, take a look… (FrançaisEnglish)

Maintenant voyons les paroles/Let us look at the lyrics.

Ils nous connaissent pas…No no no no nooooo (x2) They don’t know who we really are.
Aujourd’hui ils nous parlent d’identité nationale d’Europe etc… Today they debate on our National Identities, Europe etc…
Pendant que la jeunesse ne sait plus où elle vaaaaa While youth no longer know where they belong.

No no no no nooooo

A l’école tu peux voir des Saïd et Nicolas   In schools, one can see some Saids and Nicholas.
Mais pourtant en histoire certains se reconnaissent pas  However in their history class, some just can’t identify themselves.
Ils nous parlent de Mozart, Beethoven et tralala Tales about Mozart, Beethoven and blah blah blah.
Alors qu’on à dans le casque du hip hop en mp3  Meanwhile we’ve got hip hop mp3s playing in our headphones.
La casquette à l’envers, le langage l’est aussi  Our ball caps are placed backwards,  the way we talk is too.
Le regard de travers, la politesse l’est aussi  improper exchange of looks, just like our manners too.
Le levis ras des fesses, la casquette à ras du cou  Our levis’ (jeans) are around our asses, our caps are found around the neck.
Ça ne parle qu’en sms, la grammaire on ne connait plus  We only speak via sms, grammar is no longer known.
Alcoolique à 13 ans, même le shit ne fait plus rien Alcoholic at 13, even that shit has no affect.
Aller retour en prison, les barreaux ne font plus rien  Back and forth from prison, those bars don’t do anything anymore.
Des parents divorcés, comme pour tout mes collègues  Have divorced parents as for all my mates.
Donc ça boit pour oublier, comme pour tout mes collègues So I drink to try and forget, just  like all my friends.

No no no no nooooo.

Ils nous connaissent pas.
No no no no nooooo.
Aujourd’hui ils nous parlent d’identité nationale d’Europe etc… 
Pendant que la jeunesse ne sait plus ou elle vaaaaa 
No no no no noooooo 

Papa boit tout les soirs, trop de factures à payer Daddy drinks every night, too many bills to pay.
Maman pleure au parloir, petit frère a replongé – Mommy cries in the parlor, little brother has plunged again.
Mon grand frère join aux lèvres, me dit d’arrêter de fumer Big brother, joints on his lips, tells me to quit smoking.
Et ma sœur la diplômée, taf au rayon surgelé And my graduated sister , works at the frozen food section.
Ma conseillère d’orientation m’oriente en BEP My gardian counselor has seen me when I’m high.
Elle me verrait bien maçon, ou agent de sécurité She would likely see me as a builder, or simply a security guard.
Moi j’sais pas ce que je veux faire  While I know just what I want to do.
Pourquoi faire un taf honnête Why have an honest job?
Au quartier ils sont millionnaires, en vendant des savonnettes  While others in the neighborhood are millionaires by selling soap.
J’veut la dernière paire de Nike, rouler en BMW  I want the latest pair of Nikes, to ride around in a BMW.
J’veux que tout les filles me remarquent, mais pour tout ça faut des billets I want all the girls to notice me, but it takes money for all that too.
Donc je vole pour m’habiller, avec tout mes collègues So I steal to dress myself, with all my mates.
Ou je bois pour oublier, comme pour tout mes collègues Or I drink just to help me to forget, just like all my friends.

No no no no nooooo

Ils nous connaissent pas No no no no nooooo
Aujourd’hui ils nous parlent d’identité nationale d’Europe etc…
Pendant que la jeunesse ne sait plus ou elle vaaaaa

No no no no nooooo

Je sais pas où je vais je sais pas d’où je viens   Don’t know where I’m from nor where I’ve been.
Je parle à la lune en tirant sur un join  Speak to the moon as I whiffed it in (smoke).
Mais dis moi qui me connait vraiment But please tell me who really knows me?
j’ai perdu la notion du bien et du mal I have lost the notion of what’s right and wrong.
A cause des jugements qu’ils portent sur moi Because of the judgements they’ve passed about me.
Pourtant tu trouveras de l’or en moi Yet you could find some gold inside of  me.

Ils nous connaissent pas..No no no no nooooo (x2)
Aujourd’hui ils nous parlent d’identité nationale d’Europe etc…
Pendant que la jeunesse ne sait plus ou elle vaaaaa
No no no no nooooo


A word to the wise is sufficient…I really hope you liked this post and weren’t bored too much by it.

Please feel free to leave a comment on your way out, I would really appreciate to have your thoughts on this.

Stay blessed and safe 😀

TO: My Ideal Readers



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