Maitre Gims

Good evening to all My Ideal Readers..

I hope and pray you are all doing well and that life is always easy and peaceful on you.

Here I am back again with yet another artist I would like to introduce to you. His name is the title of this post 😉

Wow is all I can say when it comes down to his vocals, his understanding of music and his use of the french language to his advantage.

“Maître” means “Teacher” in french and I agree that many artists should take some lessons from him. He has powerful vocals and strong messages that he’s always vehiculing in his songs. I am really sorry for those My Ideal Readers out there that don’t understand french; it’s a real shame ’cause a real mastery of the language is needed for the comprehenion of what I am really talking about.

Anyways, vocals have nothing to do with language right? Live he is just breath-taking. I can bet that there’s years and years of training behind him, ’cause the results are crystal clear. Though I am so sorry for the praise, I would like to mention that I am not one fond of praises/praising, and that what’s happening right now ain’t praise but “recognition of talent”..Hahaha. 😉

Below are 4songs I especially chose for today’s discovery. BEHOLD… Watch and let yourself be moved….

All rights reserved to the original artist for songs published here.
Every other content belongs to MABDO



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