Today I was in real need to blog and pass a nice but powerful message.

I am really proud to be African, precisely 100% ME

I find it so important to have a story to tell. To have a history and to be proud of one’s history. I may not be happy nor proud of the things that are taking place in Africa nor the globe as a whole but it’s better to be part of something then to have nothing to hold on too.

I chose this music video ’cause it talks about the greatest vice that found in africa. JEALOUSY. It seems like noone wants the others’ success, ’cause I am suffering my neighbour, cousin, sister should be biting dust as well.

I say no to this mentally, let us all hold hands and move through the storm together.

As the song says “L’afrique a connu la misère mais elle a gardé le sourire” meaning Africa has known misery but she has kept her smile. Let us all have this attitude please..

I hate it when people use this to talk about races and belonging but what’s sure is that fontiers are there to ensure the uniqueness of a given population and avoid conflicts but not to create division.

A word to the wise is sufficient

MUSIC IS IN THE SOUL. Dressing code is genetic and Africans love life!! That’s a whole identity right there 😉

I stongly believe that MUSIC has the ability to change things: lives, mentalities.. due to the messages they hold. It is just left for each and everyone of us to hear that message and allow it perform its miracles… Eat our souls, pull us through for there is always a cloud with a silver lining…



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