Faded and embedded. Faded, disintegrated. Faded at a climax. Faded, exacerbated. Faded while dissolved. Faded while I drown. Shadowy, indistinct. Hidden by its sheets. Importance is what I take. A leader is all that’s made. So I’m in for the take. Forward, ahead… written M.A.B.D.O Advertisements

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Vigor in the soul, Reaching out, Taking control. The vigour underneath, Being, believing. Inertly learnt, Made, formulated. It may be taught, spoken. Beheld, belonged. It’s a state of mind. The way I am. A strength, our health…. written by M.A.B.D.O

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/NB: No offense should be taken by the content of this post, no judgements are passed. This post was written with lots of objectivity and only points of views are shared. Noone is forced to agree. Life is a choice and I chose to write this. Thanks for your comprehension/ Telling your female child that […]

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Partnership not slavery…

JENNIFER LOPEZ She is one of those female entertainers these days that just doen’t seem to age. The proof is her great taste for younger men..Hoties especially. Please don’t get me wrong, she’s hot so she can only have amazing taste. I can’t call myself a big fan ’cause I randomly find myself tuned and […]

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Maitre Gims

Good evening to all My Ideal Readers.. I hope and pray you are all doing well and that life is always easy and peaceful on you. Here I am back again with yet another artist I would like to introduce to you. His name is the title of this post 😉 Wow is all I […]

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