Be the change you wanna see in your society….

Dressing code doesn’t stop men from looking so just do what pleases and be confident in all that you do…Good or bad. Be an adult and share the message..

Staying silent encourages the harassement, making noise discourages them. Show them that times have changed and that those things aren’t acceptable anymore. Because men are cowards even amongst themselves and may not defend you even if they find the situation unacceptable.

In such solidarity, women should take the exaple I feel..

See the difference when you decide to respond while staying polite.

No comment, just see it for yourself.

Think about it just a second. If it was your daughter or wife going through it, you can’t do anything about it and some just push it even further then that…They decide to take action. How do you get through such trauma. It’s a very serious affair please.

Here’s a report on it done in Newyork, U.S.A

I can’t say that men aren’t victims too but based on the mindset in which women are inferior and are reduced to being SEX TOYS, women suffer of it most. It goes beyond the physical and it feels like your mental is being toyed with. Like you are being undressed by a stranger. Just place yourself in her shoes a second and see what it is like.

I just feel like this protraits the negativity of the world in which we all live in, the sufference, the pain, the hatred. Most people wouldn’t even have the time to focus on sexuality if they had a life in which they were confortable and proud of.

Some thing must be done but where is the solution????? Where is it found exactly?


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