In today’s task, I was asked to describe the space, area or room where I like to sit down and write but the problem with this is that I don’t have a specific place where my creativity’s awaken and best expressed. My muse is spontaneous, crops up when it decides to while all I need is my creativity journal where I jot it all down. BINGO 😀

Hence today I’ve prepared a questioneer for those amazing artists out there because your views and oppinion count alot for me. I love learning new things and cordially interacting with new individuals so please feel free to drop a thought or 2. Why not answer the questioneer altogether.

Thank you very much in advance, Igreatly appreciate it. You are all awesome.

Email adress
Site adress (if any)

  • A briefing about yourself please.
  • Where do you get inspiration from ?
  • How long have you been a blogger or followed blogs keenly?
  • How do you find Idealizeblog ?
  • What innovations would you like to see ?
  • Would you recommend this blog to anyone ? Why (not) ?
  • What topic(s) would you like to see me takle next ?
  • What is the best post I’ve published in your oppinion ?
  • If you had to describe this blog with a word, which would it be ? Why this choice of yours ?
  • Give a mark on 10 to this blog please.

So send me a « HI » 😉 😀
With  lots of love

Thanks once more, I highly appreciate all this.

An awesome week to you all…..




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