Three ways to add more bling to your work week using the necessary accessories!

How to have an awesome and fruitful week.

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Angela Edstrom

If you’re dreading your work week ahead, here are some helpful ways to listen to your spirit and guide you through each day.

1. Begin your week in gratitude for it all. Go into gratitude overload the moment you wake up. Expressing gratitude is the quickest way to fast forward you into a good mood. I’ve written a lot on the topic of being appreciative about what you already have in your life, but it cannot be overstated. Many times we will begin a routine to think more positively by adding gratitude, and before the end of the day we’re complaining about something that didn’t go as we had planned. When you feel yourself turning into the complaint police, switch the gratitude light on immediately. The negative feelings will dissipate as quickly as they appeared.

2. There is absolutely no better way to raise your self-confidence than loving yourself as…

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