via Daily Prompt: Stump

Amputated, handicapped.
Unjustified, uncalled for.

Was there ever love?
None can tell.
Unspoken, unabled.
Has stumbled.
Can’t follow.

I’ve wondered
Why me?
Not fit to be,

Had to struggle
To be accepted.
Always given bad intentions.
Always scolded.

I’m not righteous.
Just being human.
In a quest for perfection.
Just for you..

But you are blinded
By your own greatness.
I, remaining the image.
Of she who really,
Owns your heart.

I don’t find it fair.
But that’s just me.
Being as selfish, careless,
As I’ve always been.

So I set you free.
Tired of suffering.
Open up your wings,
Take the lead….

Written by M.A.B.D.O