My ideal reader is a dreamer,
A believer in the universe
A human of principle.

Out to discover the world
Open to cultures
Seeking recognition.

An Extraordinary being
The Outstanding
Beyond all boundaries.

The sky is no limit
A change is within our reach
The future we make.

My ideal reader expresses him/herself
An incarnation of creativity.
One of a kind
One in a million.

You are reading this now
So believe me please
Indeed you are my ideal reader…..

written by M.A.B.D.O

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(Featured images curtesy of Google).

3 thoughts on “MY IDEAL READER”

    1. So glad to hear that, welcome to my world then 😉 I hope you’ll stick around and enjoy the journey till the end. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Please have a nice day and week 😀

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  1. […] MY IDEAL READER:-written in response to #BloggingFoundamentals. -Wow, this post was a delicate poem to write because I talk about the type of followers I would like to welcome here and if written badly, it could send out the wrong message so I hope I had it right all the way.. […]


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