My Grandmother’s Touch

Wednesday 7th March,2012.

As the sound of thunder rumbled in the foggy August rain, I sat next to the blazing fire in my grandmother’s cosy kitchen negociating my way to her confortable lap. It was 9pm that evening and it had been raining cats and dogs since 4pm that very afternoon.

It was storytime. My favourite moment of the day. Granny had finished eating supper with grandfather and my parents. They had finished with their “grown-ups’ talk” and we had all settled down to listen to the legendary stories that Granny had cooked up for us that evening.

Indeed what a story it had been especially with the thunder that gave an excellent side effect to the horror she told. As childish as I was then, I believed every word and wept at the slight sight of those strange shadows that stood all around us. While Papi took up the story, spicing it up abit so I was scared out of my wits, tossed and turned all night for hours before I found my sleep despite Granny’s cuddle.

This was the routine that my life followed for as long as I rememebered everytime I went to visit Granny for the summer holidays. I honestly preferred staying with my grandmother then my parents because she gave me all the attention I deserved and fattened me like a chicken before I was forced to go back home in September. I considered her as my mother and best friend. She was indeed a gentle, loving women of 1m50 tall, very attractive and to describe her as a bulldozer when she was at work in her farm was to say the least.

She taught me all I needed to know about life and was the first person to know when I struck puberty. Everybody until present day told us and tells me that we were identical in everything we did together.

She made it a duty to ameliorate the relationship between my mother and I though the greatest problem was mother’s hot-tempered, strict and bossy nature. Being her only child for 12years, she had the tendency of being too rough and exigent towards me. But Granny performed her magic and mother changed overnight.

She had a magic touch that nobody could explain and whenever she spoke everybody listened attentively. She kept her kitchen door widely open for any hungry stranger to come and take a snack at her place. All the children of the village knew her and called her “Mother’ because that was what she was for everyone even though she had 6 children and already 7 grandchildren of her own.

She left me in 2004 and it was the greatest shock I’d received at such a young age. I was greatly affected and I don’t think something else can affect me as much as her departure did. Nevertheless I greatly thank God for giving me that precious gift because she was really a gift and my gardian angel.

I pray he should guide and keep my grandmother with her angelic touch….


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