My Chinese Pen Friend

Munaseh Emma
City center pressing
PO Box 1969
10th March 2011

Dear Megan Lee,

How are you? I really hope that you’re feeling fine as well as the whole Lee family. Here I am once more writing to you after 4 months since last we were in touch. I am sincerely sorry for that. So many things have been happening over the past months that can hardly be explained in a simple letter like this one. I was realy glad for the curiousity that you hold about knowing about my country, as you so well outlined it in your last letter to me.

Cameroon is a beautiful country made of plains, forests and hilly areas as well as the desert in the north.It is situated in central africa just above the equator which obviously determines its climatic conditions.

Cameroon is said to be Africa in miniature because every relief feature that may be found in any part of Africa is found somewhere in Cameroon. Its geographical relief is made up of the savanna, grasslands, equatorial forests, plateaux, a basin, hilly areas, a desert and the almighty Mount Cameroon (situated precisely in buea-south-west region).

My country is found on the central west coast of Africa thus there are beaches like the Kribi and Limbe beaches that give an excellant view of the beautiful horizon that lays right beyond the Atlantic ocean. There is a national park called the Waza park found in the north where animals of all especies may be seen and admired. I’m very sure you have never seen a gorilla with your own eyes in real life, haven’t you? Just on national geographic channel, right? It is living in this zoo. There are beautiful sceneries like waterfalls, the equatorial forest, mighty onland lakes as well as rivers and Mount Cmaeroon as I mentioned before.

There are different types of climates in Cameroon depending on the area you find yourself with the principle being the rainy and dry seasons. For example; YaoundΓ©, the political capital, also known as “the town between 7 hills”, has a modearte climate which is not too hot nor too cold during both seasons. In the north, there is extreme heat which can be unbearable at times and in the south where the equatorial forest is found, it rains almost everyday.

In every region, there are good, luxurious hotels for the confort of tourists, since there is enough beauty to beseen. Being a developing country, there still exists some remote areas inaccessible by road but road constructions is ongoing to ameniorate their states.

There is so much to know about my country. Its topography,climate and relief which can not be explained in a written letter. So I really hope I was persuasive enough to make you keep your promise of coming to visit me sometime in my fatherland. I really hope you haven’t forgotten.

I wish you the best for the ongoing school year and personal life. I am praying for you and your family everyday. Greet everyone for me and I promise to keep in touch

Yours sincerely
Munaseh Emma



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