A coffee for 2

If we were having a coffee right now, it would be at a table for two in a three-star café in Cancun,Mexico. We would have made a reservation for an isolated table on their 3rd floor balcony with a breathtaking view of the golf of Mexico. At 5pm prompt…

 .          .          .          .          .          .          .          .          .          .          .          .

I arrived alittle in advance and had some time to watch those teenagers playing volleyball on the beach below.. What a great game indeed. Those young girls displayed great tactic while whipping  those fellas’ asses. Don’t get me wrong but in my humble oppinion, those boys spent more time watching their gracious movements then counter-attacking; so they only got what they deserved especially since they had to finance their outing to a night club that night.. What a great reward for good teamwork on a beach amongst friends.

Late-coming is a genetic characteristic in your family, so I wasn’t at all surprised when you arrived 30 minutes late. Though this was record time considering the number of times you had me waiting 2 to 3hours straight; even more at times. The customary appology ceremony done, we could finally settle down, face-to-face; for 2hours of quality time.

Our table was magnificiently dressed with an emaculate white table cloth, decorated by that bouquet of roses in a purple vase at its center.. Fabulous.

You ordered a milky expresso with that usual slice of vanilla cake, a delice for those delicate lips of yours. Just then you started telling me about your hectic life but I ain’t sure I got a word because I was too busy scrutinizing your grace. The way you wrapped your cute lips on that cup at every sip, your perfectly manicured hands, those beautiful eyes- dancing with excitement as you went on with your story. The elegance when you brushed your braids out of your face. My reflection in your eyes as you took time to look up at me in between every sip. I would smile and nod to reassure you that I was keenly listening.

A calm and warm summer afternoon it was with that smooth, sweet breeze playing with your braids. Serene..We were the only customers that day and elements just seemed to associate into a romatic atmosphere with your angelic voice singing love songs to me.

Sunset..The horizon was painting this love scene, hearts were forming in the clouds with the ocean settling down to an appeasing slumber. You stopped talking and I was snapped out of my day-dream. Did you notice that I wasn’t listening? No, you were breath-taken by the sunset and got up to get a better view of it. I saw you shiver abit, got up and placed my jacket around your shoulders. You flashed that beautiful smile at me once more and made my day. Discretely, I placed my left arm around your waist and there we stood, watching the sun fade away in the horizon… MY HEAVEN

The time came for us to go our separate ways, back to our respective works and lives. My heart tore but I forced a smile, memorized your scent as we hugged for the last time..“CHANEL PARIS No5”, the perfume I brought you for your birthday. You hadn’t appreciated the fact that I had spent so much money on you for a gift, if only you knew what I could do for you.

We walked out of the café, hand-in-hand, happily chatting as we went but as we approached your car it finally dawned on me that we’d have our next “coffee break” in 3months time. It would be your turn to choose the place ’cause after all it was your idea in the first place; to keep in touch and view you said, after all we’ve been best friends since high school.

You drove back to your asshole boyfriend and I- to my large, cold and empty appartment where everyday I’m reminded of my solitude and the lack of your love.

At midnight my phone rang. You were calling me ’cause you realised you hadn’t asked me about myself and my life all afternoon. When we get started we just don’t know when to stop but unfortunately this time was different, work was in 3hours.

Reality awakening hun, it’s really late now

I laughed to masked my frustration as my heart sank.

No like seriously it’s 4am, I think we’d better get some rest for work in the early hours.

Ok, I guess you are right.

You bet I am. I love you sweety, please take great care of yourself. I will call you by noon to know how you are doing.

Ok, I love you too, sweet dreams. Chaio


“I LOVE YOU” is an understatement. No words can explain what I feel for you but all you will always see in me is a friend and go out with those many boys who break the heart I’m always here to fix.


Written by M.A.B.D.O



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5 thoughts on “A coffee for 2”

  1. […] A coffee for 2:-written in response to #EverydayInspirations. – I wrote about the imposibilities that we sometimes face when it comes to love and life as a whole especially placing it in the most complexe context that gay relationships,etc have to face in society. It was the way I found to try and  clearly vehiculate my message. […]


    1. Lol maybe I could/should invite you one day 😉 Yeah I know it’s a reality and I feel that love in all its forms is pure and sacred and should be recognised, that’s what I did here… thanks for the comment, I appreciate your visit..😘😇😊


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