There where one burns books, in the end burns men…HEINNAH HEINE

True wisdom was made selective
By those called the elites.
That had the honour
To auto proclaim themselves rulers.

Archiving our secrets
That are meant to set us free.

Enslaving ancient civilisations
through their batteries.

Whipping, chaining
Blood spilling.

Agony, frustration
Total domination.

Prayers; famine,
Infant mortality.
Is really anything being done
To put an end to these monstrosities?

Conspiracies say world leaders
Feed upon.
All the pain and suffering
For satiety of power.

Divide to rule better
That’s the order of the day.

So yes I agree
When Heinneah Heine says
“There where one burns books, one in the end will burn men”…

written by M.A.B.D.O