Our final sunset

Gone are the days when our love was unconditional. Gone are the days when our hearts beated as one, in unison. Gone are the days when we could read each others’ minds and speak exactly the same thought at the same time.

Gone are the days where marriage was our destiny and a pair of twins-our goal. Gone are the nights when I slept in your arms and the taste of that sweet kiss was my reward; That little ticklish feeling inside and the orgasms we shared.

Everyday was our valentine’s day. Everyday we filled with love. Everyday was filled with promises that forever we would stay one.

The meals we shared. The memories we made. The weeks we spoke 24hours a day.

Just a mirage. A make-believe. A fairytale… A packet filled with lies wrapped up with beautiful butterflies.

A whisper was enough to send me sky-rocketing. Your touch was just like silk, I had butterflies in my stomach whenever you were near. We lived in the stars. Our love was rock strong.

No more phone calls or love texts. No more “I LOVE YOU” with a cuddle in our bed. No more movie nights and cheap dinner dates; an intention was enough from you.

No more holding hands nor love poems. You won’t sing me to sleep anymore nor will you look at my beautiful face as I fall asleep.

Who will be your angel now? Who will you try and out-smart now? Though I know there will always be someone else. But who will I be myself with now? Who will I love all his being and imperfections now?

Please can you answer me? I’m begging you ’cause I’ve gotta know…

But instead you called me and gave me rendez-vous on the beach where we met, and silently we watched the sunset. Taking your ring, you walked away and now never will my dawns be the same…..


written by M.A.B.D.O



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