Dear Future Boyfie…

Dear future boyfriend

Brooding Heart

To the next guy who falls in love with me,

My scars have faded, emotionally and physically. My smile is brighter. My laugh is louder. My heart beats harder. I’m free. Sometimes I might bite my lips too hard and cause them to bleed or I chew my nails too much because it calms me down. I still have anxiety attacks. I still have random breakdowns when everything gets to be too much. I still cry over my ex sometimes. He was my first love, can you blame me? In the beginning I kept looking for him in everyone else. But now I don’t. Every one is different and no one compares to him. I’ll love him, but I won’t be in love with him again. If you happen to fall in love with me, you’re in for a ride. You’re falling in love with the way I’m too clingy…

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