Frank Solanki

In the end, you will find

That I did mind

That I did care

But life ain’t fair

It never goes as planned

And it’s a lesson, my friend

Isn’t it?

If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

And I wasted my tears here

And watched everyone disappear

And my heart went too

Only leaving behind memories of you

And they will fade soon

Over the next blue moon

I’ll be waiting

I’ll be waiting

Maybe here, or some other planet

With little to regret

But lot to ponder

A small thought makes me wonder

Wouldn’t things have been better off without me?

Indeed, it would be

Blah, what a thought!

But it’s all I’ve got

And I will take it with me till the end

And it’s a lesson, my friend

Isn’t it?

To think I shared everything with you

All that I have done, all that I will…

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