My rayonante smile,
Lighting up the world.
The happiness I feel,
My fairytale’s been told.
The dark cloud in the horizon,
Out of nowhere it came.
The thunderstorm that followed,
Slowly happiness fades away.
It started with an action, a thought, a word,
The phrase, the dager
In my heart..
Unbearable is the pain,
Blood’s oozing out.
It feels like death,
So hard to breath,
Blurry things became..
Deep in this pothole,
In serious disorientation.
What’s the best step to take?
The first is out of desperation.
I’ll bandage my heart,
And lick my wounds dry.
Clean up your dager neatly,
Look at it,
Everytime I wanna cry..
Is it worth
Changing yourself
For someone else?
Becoming just an image,
A machine in his vision.
The duties of a woman,
Encouragement and unconditional support.
But the leftovers he leaves behind,
Cries itself to sleep at night.
It is time to open your eyes,
See the realities that unfold,
Fairytales are for tv, movies,
Prince charmings are part of the tell-tale….

written by M.A.B.D.O