My Artistic Raison D’etre


An imagination,

An idea,

An expression..

It is an exchange

Of thoughts,

Of ability,

And an identity..

The strength in our souls,

The freedom we behold..

It’s in the impact of our words,

The story that was told..

A choice to lend a helping hand

Create our Alice in wonderland..

All in all, writing helps me to be …JUST ME And truly express who I am…

Written by M.A.B.D.O

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(Featured images curtesy of Google).

1 thought on “My Artistic Raison D’etre”

  1. […] My Artistic Raison D’etre:- written on -a response to the word prompt from wordpress – “Raison d’etre” is a French expression that literally means “the reason of my being” (word to word translation). So the word prompt was out to know what my artistic reason of being/ why I’ve become an artist. This was my response to it. It wasn’t easy and I dwelled on it for hours with so much things and words swirling in my head, all demanding to be expressed. […]


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