Lessons in life

Nothing ever goes as plannedMost of the time
Let’s face it,it’s just a waste of energy to plan at times because destiny decides otherwise for us…Basically, waiting for the best time could result to it being the worst..
For instance, creating my blog on Monday 29th February; I was sure that I’d have my about pages and first article done..In my dreams yeah..Nothing was and I almost cancelled everything on a header. But this date wasn’t chosen for nothing…
A leap year is a once in 4years experience, the 29th february- A unique date and all this reflects Idealizeblog, pushing me to create it anyways..
Ever since, I can’t count the number of things I’ve planned for this blog and nothing working out as planned..Not only is it annoying and frustrating but also very painful..Then what’s best to be done?
Most people would abandon the idea; which is a normal and human reaction but others would persevere..My perseverance is therefore seen by the gaps of my posts..I simply depend on my creativity and leave it lie when it deserves rest..
Deciding to sit back and let life take its normal course was the best decision to make , just because I can’t be in control of everything at every moment..
Worry about the things you can change, don’t crack your head on what you cannot..
So finally, it’s not such a big deal that your boyfriend was late for your date again…Nor is it dramatic that you couldn’t buy that dress…That movie would be best and cheap when noone is interested anymore, right?
Let’s face it: – Life is the best teacher                                                      
                                                   -Nobody can ever finish learning                                                                  
                                       -But an experience is best when shared with that special one .
Yours Sincerely



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