Love is friendship that caught fire. It is quiet,understanding,sharing,forgiving and about mutual confidence. It is loyal through good and bad times. It definitely  settles for less than perfect and makes allowances for human weakness.. LIFE DEFINES LOVE.. Advertisements

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It’s an energy from above, A mystery from below. It’s a mastery of one’s self, And the gardens of unknowns. What a virtue it may be. A vice, it’s certainly not. The strength of the mind, The warmth of the heart. Patience stands strong, No weather makes it quake. Forever it remains, The foundation of […]

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Thought of the day

What kills us in reality is the cancer of our thoughts not the malignant form…Just stand strong, shoulders straight, your head high and move through that storm for there is always a cloud with a silver lining – everything must and does come to an end…Think Positive…Positive thinking…..M.A.B.D.O  

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Lessons in life

Nothing ever goes as planned…Most of the time Let’s face it,it’s just a waste of energy to plan at times because destiny decides otherwise for us…Basically, waiting for the best time could result to it being the worst.. For instance, creating my blog on Monday 29th February; I was sure that I’d have my about […]

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